Bachelor of Science in Chemistry


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The study of modern chemistry is a multifaceted subject, integrated with physics and math. Our chemistry curriculum at Fairfield gives students a comprehensive approach to the field’s principles and applications, while the program pushes students to think critically, solve problems and apply experimental techniques to build their insight.

As chemistry majors, students study and work collaboratively, in small classes with a knowledgeable, experienced faculty. Through independent study, students conduct original research and have the opportunity to intern in the academic, governmental or industrial sectors. Our location offers Fairfield students the opportunity to take advantage of the many prominent corporate enterprises and academic institutions throughout the area.

A degree in chemistry gives you flexibility in your career path. Our concentration in biochemistry introduces you to the essentials of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. With a detailed curriculum that includes faculty-led research and laboratory-based courses, our chemistry and biochemistry programs thoroughly prepare you for careers in chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, and is a great path to careers in health related fields including medical, dental, and pharmacy.

For Chemistry Major - ACS Certified Curriculum requirements are 69 credit hours.

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College of Arts and Sciences

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دوام كامل (MINIMUM OF 120 CREDITS)

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US$49,080.00 سنوياً
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متوقع سبتمبر 2023

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College of Arts and Sciences

1073 North Benson Road,



6824, United States

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Students must have successful completion of secondary education.

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Students are required to complete secondary education or equivalent

English Language scores - IELTS, a minimum score of a 6.5 is required; minimum score of 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), or 80 (Internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language is the preferred documentation

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