English and Mathematics MA (Hons)


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Combining your English and Mathematics studies gives you a very wide range of modules to study that can lead to a diverse range of careers.You can choose to study English literature from the medieval period right up to the present day, as well as studying both pure and applied mathematics.In English you can study anything from Shakespeare to science fiction, Romantic poetry to contemporary poetry, creative writing to visual culture, or Victorian novels to Hollywood films. We start by covering topics such as how to analyze a poem and how to read a novel as a literary critic, moving on to historical surveys of literature. We then explore in more detail many of the periods, movements and topics previously covered.The modules we offer throughout the degree reflect the diverse research specialisms of our staff, giving you an wide range of choices.Mathematics is one of the best subjects for developing your analytical skills. This means you will be highly employable and develop a wide range of transferable skills. Scientific developments are possible due to mathematical applications while mathematical models inform decisions in industry, government, and in the financial sector.Computers are used extensively in modern mathematics. We will introduce you to various mathematical software in a very interactive way while preparing you for industry.You will also be able to join a range of active societies including DUMaS (Dundee University Maths Society) and the English Society.

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School of Humanities Social Sciences and Law

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